Gechem - in the field of formulating, mixing, grinding and sieving


Whether it is your recipe or ours, on your behalf we process runny as well as viscous products, emulsions and dispersions as well as powders and granulated products


Reprocessing broken tablets
Gechem has developed a grinding procedure to grind down broken tablets (wrapped in film or unwrapped) in a way that ensures that the resulting granules can once more be used for the production of tablets.
If necessary, the tablets are removed from their wrapping, ground down, sieved and made available for reprocessing.

We use:

  • Single-layer presses
  • Triple-layer presses
  • Flow packer for standard film and water-soluble film
  • Blister facility




Our range of machinery and equipment
We use:

  • Nauta mixers, Lödige mixers
  • Pin and impact mills
  • Sieving machines
  • Bagging machines
  • Test mixer
  • Liquid mixing tanks
  • Tab-grinding facility
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