We do the bottling for you –
packaging options for chemical, solid and liquid products

Bottling & packaging powders and granulated products weighing between 2.5g to 1t

  • Folding boxes (with/without lining)
  • Tins
  • Buckets
  • Tubular bags
  • Side-seal bags
  • Sacks

When it comes to packaging powders and granulated products, Gechem offers a very wide-ranging and varied palette of options.

Depending on what our customers want and require, we put solids into tins, buckets, tubular or side seal bags, sacks, bottles, canisters, barrels, containers, cartons, folding boxes with our without inner lining and package them.

To this end we use the semi-automated and fully automated bottling and packaging lines available to us.

This way we can offer you competitive prices and you can focus entirely on your own core competences.

Bottling & packaging liquid products:
Whether it is small quantities between 50ml and 100ml or large amounts up to a thousand litres

  • Bottles
  • Tins
  • Canisters
  • Specially shaped glass or plastic vessels
  • Specially shaped aluminium vessels etc.
  • Barrels
  • Containers
  • Side-seal bags

Whether it is small quantities of 5 ml or large amounts of 1,500 litres 
– as a reliable and experienced partner who knows all about bottling and packaging, Gechem fills and packages liquid products in bottles, tins, canisters, side-seal bags, specially shaped vessels made from glass, aluminium etc., barrels and containers. 
The know-how of Gechem also includes the handling of hazardous substances.

To this end we use both semi-automated and fully automated bottling and packaging lines with many different sealing facilities. This way you can focus on your own core competences.

Our product portfolio includes for example: 
liquid de-scaling products for fixtures and electrical devices, stain-removing gels, dishwasher cleaning and care products, rinse aids, wheel cleaners and liquid cleaners.

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