Company history


C.F. Spiess & Sohn GmbH & Co. is founded as an "Earth colour production firm" by Carl Friedrich Spiess who receives assistance from Justus von Liebig, a relative of the founder. In the 1890s, Georg Friedrich Spiess, the son of the founder, joins the firm. 


Start of the production of crop protection products – initially for the winegrowing industry and later for the entire agricultural sector.


Dr. Paul Spiess, the son of Georg Friedrich, who runs the company in the third generation, is called up to do his military service. His wife Dr Irmgard Spiess takes his place and steers the company during the troubling times of the 2nd World War and the post-war era.


The company obtains the license to produce and sell DDT. In the following years, the company becomes an important producer and distributor of agricultural chemicals. The company starts taking on other products groups and acts as a contract manufacturer and bottler of items such as chemicals for the automotive chemistry to compensate for seasonally changing production fluctuations.


Spin-off of the "Profitcenter" GE-CHEM - Dr. Spiess - GmbH & Co KG, a company that, apart from agricultural and automotive chemicals, also bottles construction chemicals, cosmetics and washing and/or cleaning detergents.


Certification according to DIN ISO 9001



Dr. Irmgard Spiess dies at the age of 101; up to then she was still actively involved in the company.

The two sons, Dr Wolfram Spiess and Dr Dieter Spiess continue to run the company – the life's work of their parents.


The company develops its own recipes in the segment of washing and cleaning detergents and starts selling its own products.


The company name is changed to GECHEM GmbH & Co KG.


With effect from 1 January 2005 Ms Ilse Lang from Worms acquires the business in order to continue running this medium-sized company on a solid footing. Ms Lang is co-owner of Renolit AG, an internationally active company.


Start of the implementation of a comprehensive investment programme.

The company acquires one hundred per cent of the shares of Dr. Spiess Chemische Fabrik GmbH turning the company into a subsidiary of Gechem GmbH und Co KG.


With its photovoltaic facility, Gechem documents its commitment to the careful use of resources and protection of the environment. The company finishes building a warehouse for packaging material.

Ms Martina Nighswonger acquires 25 per cent of the company’s limited partner’s shares. 


Certification of an integrated management system ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 OHSAS


Certification in line with A.I.S.E.


Martina Nighswonger takes on all limited partner’s shares of the company, acquisition of the entire site.

...until today

There has been a consistent extension of production capacities and increase in core staff levels. The company pays particular attention to staff training and demographic changes.

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