Mission statements of the company

We convince all our partners with quality

Our actions are above all focused on customer satisfaction because we want to establish successful and long-term business relationships with our customers.

We believe that solving the problems and satisfying the wishes of our customers is a great challenge that we want to tackle with our own developments and reliable production procedures.

The longstanding experience of our staff is the basis for the reliable and economically efficient development of production, bottling and packaging methods.

We choose our main suppliers carefully and pursue a relationship that is based on long-term cooperation and trust, which includes the continuous transfer of know-how concerning technical developments.

We actively promote occupational health and safety to improve working conditions and staff performance


Based on the observation of working conditions in all areas of the company and the assessment of any associated risks we develop solutions that keep the number and gravity of accidents at work to a minimum.

We regularly organise training sessions to instruct our employees and warn them of potential risks.

We positively encourage our employees to take on an active role in improving their work environment and working conditions.

We respect the environment; the preservation and careful use of natural resources is our goal


We ensure compliance with all laws and statutory requirements that are applicable to Gechem by actively promoting them among our employees and through regular training and information sessions.

We plan our use of raw material as well as our production and packaging procedures in such a way that, due to our recycling efforts, we only create technically and economically unavoidable waste and emissions. 

Through the continuous optimisation of production facilities and procedures we reduce our energy consumption and by doing so spare natural resources.

We maintain our market position through competitiveness and top performance

By forging solid business partnerships with customers and suppliers, Gechem ensures the longevity of the company.

We secure our productivity with state-of-the-art production facilities.

We choose and train our staff based on quality and offer them intensive professional development to improve their technical know-how, their organisational skills and their dealings with customers.

Working in teams who are in charge of their own destiny creates high levels of motivation among the employees.

We encourage our employees to develop an awareness of quality through their active participation in coming up with and implementing suggestions for improvements

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