Welcome at GECHEM – We mix, grind, sieve, formulate and bottle

As a medium-sized company, Gechem has made it its job to produce, bottle and package products in line with the wishes and individual requirements of its customers. Whether it is liquids or solids such as tablets, powder or granulated products – Gechem makes the products based on pre-set formulations and develops customer-specific recipes upon request. The service offer ranges from the production and bottling of items, the purchasing and scheduling of raw material and packaging products to the delivery of pallets of goods to the customer.

You may be interested in Gechem if you do not have your own production facilities,  if you want to put an end to shortfalls in your production or bottling process, if you want to boost the efficiency of your production facility through outsourcing, if you do not have the necessary machinery or if you want to choose some very specific packaging. 

GECHEM GmbH & Co KG > Hauptstraße 4 > D-67271 Kleinkarlbach > Telefon 06359 - 801 260 > Telefax 06359 - 801-320 > E-Mail info@gechem.de